Thursday, December 5, 2013


The guest writer for this posting is my sister, Barbara Ledford Wright.  Her story, "Christmas Rabbit Hunt," appeared in WAITING WITH SANTA, a poetry and prose anthology.  Tom Davis with Old Mountain Press published this collection of 54 authors.  For information,

I knew it was Christmas when Johnny and Grayson Ramey made their annual appearance.

"Can we hunt fur awhile?" asked Johnny with tobacco stained teeth. " I have some young dogs I want to run."

"Sure," Daddy reluctantly replied and stroked Oscar's side. The bloodhound's bristles stood like needles and he made a low growl. I snapped the rope on his collar.

"Let him run, too," said Grayson.

"No", said Daddy. " If he smells a deer, and takes off, we'll have a hard time getting him home."

The Ramey boys gazed at Oscar.

Johnny backed his mud-splattered pickup beside our house like he owned the property. He opened the tailgate, and seven baying beagles shot out like cannon balls.

The pack tore toward the pine thickets. Brush and briars crisscrossed along the fencerow where the vegetation had taken over the field.

The Ramey boys stomped behind wearing orange vests and canvas britches. They carried shotguns longer than our broom.

After much hullabaloo, and gun shots, many rabbits were bagged. The beagles tore through our yard like ping pong balls. The Ramey brothers gathered the beasts by the arm loads, and tossed them into the crate on the truck.

Johnny cranked the old rattle trap, and waved his arm out the window. From the smile on his face, I reckoned they would have rabbit for Christmas dinner.

I turned Oscar loose, and the dog rushed about the lawn sniffing, spraying the bushes and barking. He had reclaimed his turf!

And so it was, every Christmas when I was growing up in my old mountain home; the Ramey brothers rabbit hunted on my daddy's land. It wasn't officially Christmas until their annual homage.


Magnolia Tea said...

What a great story! I could just see the Rameys from the descriptions. I, actually know some real Rameys that would be definite stand-ins for the ones of your childhood. :)
Wishing you both a wonderful holiday season.

Susie Swanson said...

I love this story Brenda. It brings back alot of memories. Your sister is such a good writer just like you and your mother. Blessings.

lil red hen said...

Splendid writing! Made me think of my grandpa who had beagles in his younger days.

Daisy said...

I enjoyed this story, Brenda. It is well written and very descriptive. Makes a nice memory too!

Muddling Through said...

How funny! And what a great story I feel like I was there. :)

Paula Fraker said...

That was wonderful, Brenda!!! You and your sister are both such talented writers.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Hugs)

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Wonderful story and wonderful for your sister. You are both very talented!

Betsy Adams said...

Great story… You have a talented sister… I'm sure your beautiful mother is proud of both of her daughters. Are there other siblings in the family???

Thanks for your sweet comment about my 101 yr. old father-in-law dying. He lived an amazing life--and never once was in the hospital. That's an inspiration.

Merry Christmas.

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