Friday, June 30, 2017


Honk!  Honk!  Honk!

A wedge of geese resounded.

Little Regan Blanche yawned and stretched.


Pictured:  Little Regan, her Mama and Daddy

Grandma Barbara gave her breakfast.

"We're having a total solar eclipse today," said Grandma.

Little Regan Blanche had never seen a total solar eclipse.

She dressed and headed to the event.

Fog danced over the mountains.  Corn shocks rattled in the wind.

Henry howled at a squirrel in the oak tree.  Bugs buzzed.

"Flies," called Reagan Blanche.

No, these were lady bugs.

Little Regan Blanche would tell Grandma.

White-tailed deer sailed over a fence.

"You're out early," said Mama Doe.

"I'm looking for the solar eclipse," said Regan Blanche.

The buck snorted and pawed pine needles.  "Look up," he said.

Reagan Blanche came to Hyatt-Mill Creek.  There was Beaver building a dam.

"Are you ready for the total solar eclipse?" he asked.

A cold breeze sliced leaves from trees.  An eerie silence filled the forest.  Bats flopped their wings.

The sun grew smaller, smaller, and smaller until it disappeared.  Total darkness!

Chickens went to roost.

"Where's the sun?" cried Reagan Blanche.

Two minutes of total darkness.  The moon moved.

Sunshine splashed the forest floor.  The animals cheered and Regan Blanche laughed.

"You just saw a total solar eclipse," said the wise old owl.

Little Regan Blanche skipped home.  She would tell Grandma, Mama and Daddy about her adventure.

by:  Brenda Kay Ledford

On August 21, 2017 a total solar eclipse will occur in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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