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Fourth of July

The Flag Goes By
Hats Off!
Along the street there comes
a blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums,
a flash of color beneath the sky;
Hats off!
The flag is passing by!

Blue and crimson and white it shines,
over the steel-tipped, ordered lines.
Hats off!
The colors before us fly;
but more than the flag is passing by:
sea-fights and land-fights, grim and great,
fought to make and to save the State;
weary marches and sinking ships,
cheers of victory on dying lips;
signs of a nation great and strong.
              --Henry Holcomb Bennett

I wish all of my blogger friends a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center

North of Vogel Lake in the North Georgia Mountains, Highway 129 carved out of the mountainside, is the home of Byron Herbert Reece.  The buildings now standing relate to part of his life.

Reece was a  respected poet and novelist of Georgia, and won many literary honors both nationally and statewide.  He was strongly moved by the old mountain folk ballads.  His stimulation in poetry (at an early age) came mostly from the Bible.  He was a farmer and poet who taught at Young Harris College.

The above photo is known as a Double Crib Barn, found on Appalachian farms from Kentucky to Arkansas.  The barn had a number of cribs that served as storage for fodder, or pens for cattle, mules, and pigs.

This is a photo of Byron Herbert Reece shucking corn in the field.

The above three photos are the Poetry Trail located at the Reece Heritage Center.  You'll find Reece's verse carved in stone and may sit on a bench and reflect on his poetry.

This is the Mulberry Hall where Byron Herbert Re…

Father's Day

Our family going to church.  Back row, Barbara, Daddy, Mama.  Front row:  Brenda & Harold.

My father worked hard
to pay the bills,
take care of our family,
provide and protect.

A bi-vocational preacher,
he pastored many Baptist churches,
ran a bulldozer on construction jobs,
my father worked hard.

He loved his family,
instilled within us faith,
worked sunrise to sunset
to pay the bills.

On the front porch
during hot, summer evenings,
he told Irish folk tales,
took care of his family.

His eyes were sky blue,
hands gentle with beast and child,
Daddy sacrificed his health
to provide and protect.
       --Brenda Kay Ledford

I hope my blogger friends have a blessed Father's Day!

Fathers are very important.  Please tell your father or a father figure in your life, how much they mean to you.