Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Autumn sprinkling gold dust,

magic slips into the mountains.

A wedge of honking geese

cuts through cobalt skies.

Golden rod nod their heads,

breath of fall on my cheek.

The air smells like apples,

autumn sprinkling gold dust.

Star-studded asters hug

the banks of Hyatt Mill Creek.

A doe and twin fawns appear,

magic slips into the mountains.

Corn shocks rattle their fingers,

a pumpkin pie baking.

Maple burns like Moses’ bush,

a wedge of honking geese.

Light spins a kaleidoscope

through the patchwork of trees.

Thousands of monarch butterflies

cutting through cobalt skies.

--Brenda Kay Ledford

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A tractor parade was held in the mountain town of Hayesville, NC on Saturday, September 28.  More than 50 tractors putt-putt-putted around the square on this splendid fall day.  The Clay County Tractor Club sponsored this fun-filled event that honored farmers and agriculture.

This is Ronnie Smith, a farmer who lives on Downings Creek.  He formed the Clay County Tractor Club in memory of his son, Dwight, who was run over by a tractor and killed many years ago in Clay County, NC.

This huge machine is a combine that farmers use to cut corn.  Hub Cheeks owns this John Deere.

Lenton Rose

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