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Each time I turn on the TV, I'm alarmed at the flu raging across America.  I hope my blogger friends are well.

I'm posting some home remedies mountain folks used for colds and other ailments.  I would not recommend these.  This is just for entertainment, but I recall my grandparents used some of these.

BLACKBERRIES:  Drink the juice of blackberries to settle your stomach.  (My mother gave us blackberry juice for nausea).

ONIONS:  Eat onions to keep from getting the cold and to clear chest congestion.  Grandma used to eat onions almost everyday.

CHEST CONGESTION:  Wear a flannel shirt with turpentine and lard on it all winter.

COLDS:  Boil pine needles to make a strong tea.

PINE RESIN:  Put this on sores and wounds.

RABBIT FOOT:  Wear around your neck for good luck.

CROUP:  Put some groundhog oil on some hot flannel rags and place on your chest.

EARACHE:  Tie a flour sack around your head.

SORE THROAT:  Bake onions in an open  fireplace, then tie them around your neck.  Also, …