Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Hiding Place

I discovered a treasure within a stone's throw of my home.  It's amazing what you'll find if you take time to savor the beauty of nature.

Off Myers Chapel Road, you'll find this hidden gem.  Three picnic tables overlook Hiawassee River.  The sun shoots fiery arrows on this spot.

I've passed this place many times and wondered why the TVA installed picnic tables.  No shade.  It's not even appropriate for sunbathing.

What's the purpose for this recreational area?  I decided to ascertain the wisdom of spending tax payer's money for these picnic grounds.  I parked my Jeep in the hot, asphalt parking lot.  The picnic tables looked like salt blocks.  I took the path to the river.

A breeze perfumed with honeysuckle licked my skin . It was heaven sent on this hot, summer day.

Water lapped against the bank that was dotted with tiger lilies.  The river murmured and diamonds dazzled on the waves.  It forked and tiny waterfalls tumbled over smooth rocks.

I was mesmerized by the music of the stream.  Tension melted from my body and washed away worry.

I recalled the baptizing our church held.  I sang the hymn, "Shall we gather at the river where bright angel feet have trod..."

Suddenly, I was baptized with peace.  I had found a hiding place to pour out my sorrow.

By:  Brenda Kay Ledford

Reprinted from:  "Into the Coastal Sun," an anthology of poetry and prose,
                              Old Mountain Press
                              www.Old MountainPress.com

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