Tuesday, January 5, 2021

My Valentine


If dogs were doodle bugs

and strawberries were slugs,

if socks had no toes,

and the cat had no nose,

if tulips had no lips

to sip sunshine,

I would love my little

niece, Reagan Blanche,

all the same even

if she had another name,

another name...

she's my very fine Valentine!

          --Brenda Kay Ledford

Reprinted from my upcoming children's book,

Reagan's Romps, by:  Kelsay Books.

I wish all my blogger friends a happy and lovely Valentine's Day!


Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Cactus


Oh, Christmas cactus

within your lovely space,

you chase away the cold winter winds.

Among your red blooms,

I recall the past seasons

when our family gathered

for the Christmas dinner 

and unwrapped presents

before the flaming fireplace.

The cactus!  The cactus!

Come give the cactus a song.

I caress your satin buds,

laugh, and sing carols.

Oh, Christmas cactus!

How do you know 

to bloom on His birthday?

--Brenda Kay Ledford

I wish all my blogger friends a blessed Christmas overflowing with peace and joy!


Friday, December 4, 2020

Deck the Lodge


Brasstown Resort decked

with evergreen boughs,

red ribbons wrap the stairs,

mistletoe and wreaths hung.

Lights glow on the tree

trimmed with old-fashioned ornaments,

the logs brightly burning

in the rock fireplace.

The resort is filled with cheer,

merry Christmas music,

drinking apple cider,

the snowcapped pine branches,

and thousands of crystals glitter

on the Brasstown Bald;

cardinals chatter at the feeders,

paper chains hug the tree.

               --Brenda Kay Ledford

This poem appeared in "West End Poet's Newsletter,"

                                     December/January/ February 2021


I wish all my blogger friends a very Merry Christmas and joyful New Year!

Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

Monday, November 9, 2020


 For all our blessings

too many to count,

Father, we thank you.

For the angel clouds

floating through azure skies,

waterfalls roaring into rivers,

songbirds lifting praise

in the golden poplars.

Father, we thank you

for the sun rays glittering

like sequins on the purple mountains.

We offer our prayers

of thanksgiving for our family,

the sweet smiles of children,

and for the food you provide.

Lord, thank you that gratitude

is a precious offering

that the poorest can make

and be richer for giving thanks!

               --Brenda Kay Ledford

I wish all my blogger friends a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, October 19, 2020

Picking Apples

 Grandpa Dallas Matheson's

apple orchard grew above the frost line

on Shewbird Mountain.

Each fall he took the sled

through the woods glowing

with orange, ruby, and lemon leaves

to pick the apples:

the black beauty, horse apple, hog sweet,

red June, striped May, pumpkin apple,

queen pippin, pound apple, and Ben Davis.

The grandchildren climbed the trees

and picked dozens of fruit,

every red, yellow, and red striped apple.

They made apple cider, apple butter,

and Ma Minnie's dried apple stack cake

and apple dumplings melted in your mouth.

--Brenda Kay Ledford

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 Oh, October!

You put on a show

tapdancing over the hills

dressed in bright garments:

orange, lemon, and cranberry.

Oh, October!

You are a sassy month

stopping carloads of folks

who flock to view the fall foliage

and you somersault on the wind.

Oh, October!

You are a naughty child.

On Halloween you deck 

out in spooky costumes,


through out the night!

--Brenda Kay Ledford

This poem appeared in the September/October/November 2020 issue

       of "West End Poets' Newsletter"

I hope all my blogger friends will have a beautiful and blessed fall!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Barn Quilt


One autumn night

a Full Harvest Moon glows

over the Red Plank House.

The Bear Paw barn quilt

hangs on the old home.

Mama pieced the Lone Star

from the scrap box:

dresses, shirts, aprons, worn out.

Adventure in the mountains:

wildlife rangers chased

a black bear through

our front yard, across the porch.

Twin cubs climbed an oak,

Spot barked up the tree.

Bears wandered the woods

searching for berries and walnuts.

      --Brenda Kay Ledford

My Valentine

  If dogs were doodle bugs and strawberries were slugs, if socks had no toes, and the cat had no nose, if tulips had no lips to sip sunshine...