Miss Frankie's flower garden welcomes parishioners to Pilgrim Baptist Church in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  She plants, waters, and weeds her flowers with loving hands.  It's like a taste of heaven savoring this rainbow of flowers at this country church. 

I hope my blogger friends have enjoyed Miss Frankie's flowers.  She loves to work in them and to  provide a beautiful setting for folks to worship and to commune with nature.


Susie Swanson said…
They sure are gorgeous. Miss Frankie does a superb job.. She must have a green thumb.. Hope you and your mother are staying cool.
Dorothy said…
Beautiful flowers! That gives a nice welcome to people as they come to worship!
Blackberry Lane said…
I enjoyed Miss Frankie's labor of love very much. Such a pretty church and view of the mountains.

The Mimosa book mentioned in my blog is not about the tree but a true story of a woman's faith in God.
Janet said…
Beautiful. The church is lucky to have her provide them with such a pretty welcome mat of flowers each Sunday.
Daisy said…
The flowers are beautiful! What a blessing that she shares her gift, her talent with all who attend church there.
lil red hen said…
These flowers are oh so very pretty! What a wonderful work of love Miss Frankie does! Do you know her? If so, tell her "thank you" for the beauty.
Oh, my - what a labor of love! They are absolutely gorgeous. What a blessing and what a beautiful setting!
Looks like Miss Frankie is quite the gardener. How sweet that she works this space for everyone!
Connie Arnold said…
Beautiful flowers, and you have captured them wonderfully! Thank you for adding the beauty to our day!
Paula Fraker said…
Oh, what a beautiful little church~ and those flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for showing us Miss Frankie's beautiful garden, Brenda!
Glenda Beall said…
Brenda, your photographs are just so clear and beautiful!
You have an artist's eye, my friend.

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