Pink Coneflower

Tiger Lily


  Could anyone identify this flower?  I think it's a Lobelia.


A Field of Poppies

Wild Lupine

I hope my blogger friends have enjoyed the wildflowers found in my region--the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Blackberry Lane said…
How very pretty! Thank you for sharing these special blooms.
Betsy Adams said…
Beautiful flowers, Brenda... This is the best time of year to enjoy our flowers... It is just so exciting... Don't have any honeysuckle near here --but grew up with it --and love it, even that fragrance...

Our Roses are blooming and you need to check out my Monday blog this week. I showed 12 of our roses --after the rain!!! SO pretty.

Janet, said…
Those cone-flowers look a little like black eyed susans. I love wildflowers - God's colorful quilt for the earth.
Susie Swanson said…
Just gorgeous Brenda.. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy their beauty..I don't know the name of the one you ask about but I have seen it around here too.. Blessings, Susie
Delisa said…
Hi Brenda Kaye! What wonderful photos. The wildflowers are so beautiful. I especially love the mountain lupines. We don't have as many wildflowers here in the low country where I live. The ones that grow around my home are small and very delicate. There is one that looks like a tiny blue iris. I don't know the name, but once in awhile I will pass a whole field that is covered in them and it is just breathtaking! Have a lovely evening ahead! With Love, Delisa ;)
lil red hen said…
What wonderful pictures! Since I don't have many flowers blooming now, these were just what I needed. I looked at your previous posts too; all beautiful!

The flower you asked about: could it be a foxglove?
Yes, indeed I have enjoyed your wildflower show! I don't recognize that flower, but it's pretty.
Daisy said…
Beautiful flowers! I enjoyed seeing them.
Paula Fraker said…
Mother Nature truly blesses us with such amazing beauty and color with wildflowers, Brenda!! Your pictures are wonderful.
I love the coneflowers, too... and Black-eyed Susans are also one of my favorite wildflowers. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Almost all of my favorites!!!
You have captured my heart! Wildflowers are my favorites! Such a pretty post!
Glenda Beall said…
What beautiful photos, Brenda Kay. You are a great photographer.
I love the wildflowers but hardly know the names of any of them.

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