Saturday, August 24, 2019

School Days

                                                          A one-room schoolhouse

School days have changed,
laptops in each room,
doom stalks the hallways.

Prayer and Bible reading removed,
the core curriculum rules;
school days have changed.

No longer jumping rope
or doing finger painting,
laptops in each room.

No Dick or Jane books
or children feeling safe at school,
doom stalks the hallways.
--Brenda Kay Ledford


Ruth Hiebert said...

Yes, there are so many changes.

magnoliasntea said...

Sadly, you nailed it. Even sadder is that so many parents have not realized the state of the public schools. We couldn't afford private school for our youngest so we scrimped on the budget, and I homeschooled her. It was worth it, too.

Henny Penny said...

This is so true, and makes me feel like crying. I have nothing but good memories of school days back in the 1950's. Wish it was like that for children today.

lil red hen said...

Oh Brenda, sad, but so true. It's troubling to think of what lies ahead for little ones like my great granddaughter. I have a daughter who teaches fourth grade math and to me it is shocking to hear her tell about some of her pupils. It seems they must have no parental help at home on their lessons.

In reply to your comment on my blog, we're waiting for the grass to grow more before we go back to the hay field. August has been very dry for us, hence not must growth.

Hill Top Post said...

Sad, but true. You tell it well! How quickly things have changed since I retired from teaching several years ago. I still like paper and pencil and little notebooks filled with fun things, but must confess that I like my iPad, too. :~)

Connie said...

That's a pretty photo of the one room schoolhouse. It is sad that children no longer feel safe in their schools. Times are so different now.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Sadly true. I am so sorry for the children of today who will never know the joys of simpler times.

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