Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Georgia Mountain Fair

Georgia Mountain Fair
July 28, 2018
Prose Poem

     Mauve-colored crape myrtles, buttery cone flowers, and hydrangea with blossoms large as soccer balls, pulse in the wind.  The human cannonball explodes as the performer whizzes 65-miles-per-hour through the azure skies.  Ripples ricochet on Lake Chatuge, a thousand diamonds sparkle on the waves.  A waterwheel spins, children splash through an icy stream.  You savor a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade.  Viewing the photography show, a pink cloud shaped like an angel dazzles the senses.  Another photo depicts a cherub dancing on a flame in the fireplace.

by:  Brenda Kay Ledford

An exhibit of canned goods at the fair.

Beautiful quilts are also exhibited at the fair.

Children enjoy milking the cow at the fair.

The delicious smell of fried apple pies wafts across the fairgrounds.


Connie said...

I love the words you chose to describe the fair. Wonderful word images. I enjoyed your photos too. I can almost smell those apple pies!

Betsy Adams said...

Love your words.... Such talent you have, Brenda.

Aren't fairs just awesome? I just love attending them --and walking around meeting the 'local people' and hearing their stories....


Ruth Hiebert said...

Ah yes, summer time is the time for fairs and festivals.

Glenda Council Beall said...

Beautiful photos of the fair. I used to really enjoy the fair each year. Now it is too hot for me and too hard to walk the hills. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Susie Swanson said...

Love this Brenda. We used to go every year and took mama and daddy because they enjoyed it so much as well. Daddy loved looking at the old stuff but both of them loved going on a Sunday when they could listen to the gospel Music. We haven't been in a while. Thanks for sharing.

lil red hen said...

Brenda, I agree with Connie ~ your writing is so descriptive one can see things in her mind without pictures. Of course, I like the pictures too! I used to enter quilts in our local fair but it got to be too much for me.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

You always have the most interesting things going on in your neck of the woods! Thanks for sharing.

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