Barn Quilts

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Winding through Appalachia,
quilt blocks painted
on the old red barns.

A legacy of love,
pioneer women pieced patterns
around the quilting bee.

Hours of labor,
feed sacks ripped up,
treasured scraps reused.

Folk art born
of necessity,
beauty in handiwork.

Gracing the barn walls:
a Lone Star quilt
and Double Wedding Ring.

by:  Brenda Kay Ledford

Image result for barn quilt photo + double wedding ring


lil red hen said…
What a thrill it would be to actually see one of these barns with a quilt block painted on it.
Mildred said…
Hello, Lovely poem and photos. I value hand-stitched quilts so much. What a lot of love goes into each one. Blessings to you.
Pretty picture too.
Susie Swanson said…
Love this poem Brenda. Those Barn Quilts sure do reflect the beauty of those handmade quilts they sewed with so much love and enjoyment.
magnoliasntea said…
Hi Brenda! Love the barn quilts and the poem. I've seen some lovely barn quilts in Tennessee. Love the new look of your blog, too.
So pretty! I love the idea of using bits and pieces and leaving nothing much behind!
Connie said…
I love the colors and patterns of quilts, both those made from fabric and those painted on barns. Lovely poem about them too. Nice post. I hope you are having a good week.
Janet, said…
Hi Brenda. I see them in our area quite often. I love them and have often told my husband I'd like to have one painted on our building. They are so pretty.
How lovely! I have never seen any in our area, or where we go now and then. The colors and designs are just beautiful. I love your words you wrote to go with them!
I have never been able to see one of these lovely quilts anywhere in our area. There are many barns.......mostly just metal buildings. Love your lovely poem as well!

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