The Gift of Color

I love the bright colors of fall and the cool air.  Yesterday I grabbed my camera and rambled around my yard taking photos.  I discovered a lot of things that I would never have imagined if I had stayed indoors.

The poplar trees waved their golden palms in the bright blue skies, the dogwood trees wore strands of rubies, squirrels scampered with their jaws filled with hickory nuts.  A doe appeared from the woods with twin fawns. Goldenrods spiraled near a field of corn, and lilac asters sprinkled stars on the roadbanks.

I'm sure there's a God who loves color.  Consider ambers caught on the ridgeline at fall, watercolors splashing the mountains, cotton clouds scudding through lollipop blue skies, gems licking drops of sunlight, and a wedge of geese resounding over a field of goldenrods.

Imagine the earth without color.  This must be proof of a greater power existing, an artist who loves color.

Some call it autumn,others call it God.

I hope my blogger friends will enjoy this season!


Pam said…
Oh how beautiful, the colors are glorious! I love your beautiful photos, thank you so much for sharing them!
Oh, Brenda, I totally agree - I believe with all my heart that there is a God who loves and creates beautiful color purely for the joy of it and that we may enjoy it, too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful color today!
Susie Swanson said…
So beautifully put Brenda and such beautiful pictures. I can't even imagine a world without God's handiwork in it or a life without him. Thanks for sharing this nice post.
lil red hen said…
These words are so wonderful, Brenda. Yes, we serve a living God!
magnoliasntea said…
Gorgeous photos, Brenda! Really beautiful. We're just beginning to get a bit of color here, but it's really bursting in your neck of the woods.
Have a great weekend!
Connie said…
Beautiful photos, Brenda! This is such a lovely time of year with all the fall colors. I hope you enjoy the season too.
JennTeacher said…
I'm from Maryland and I moved to Colorado. I miss the big fall show of colors. Here they get all excited by Aspens alone. They don't know real fall colors.
Mildred said…
Happy Autumn to you.
TexWisGirl said…
thank you for bring a sting of tears to my eyes. :)
Janet, said…
Lovely pictures, Brenda. God is really going crazy with the crayola box this fall. Beautiful colors everywhere!

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