Valentine's Day


1 package of strong faith
2 cups patience
1/4 cup gratitude
3/4 cup respect
2/3 responsibility
1 can kindness
2 teaspoons compromise
8 gallons of love

You may freeze the Long Lasting Love Candy for a century, pull it out as needed.
By;  Brenda Kay Ledford

A recent research shows that saying thank you when your mate does something nice such as taking out the trash, creates feelings of happiness that can make a relationship go the distance.

Dan Hollifield and wife, Patricia, share advise for a happy marriage:
"Compromise," said Dan.  "There's never been a marriage where you agree all the time."

"You must be best friends," said Patricia.

I wish all my blogger friends a very Happy Valentine's Day!


KathyB. said…
A post about true love, affirming all that is sweet about romance and enduring love.
That is some very good advice there, Miss Brenda Kay! I like that recipe, too. ;)
magnoliasntea said…
Hi Brenda Kay!
Your recipe for Long Lasting Love Candy looks like a five star recipe to me. And I agree that saying thanking you works wonders.
Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Daisy said…
Good advice! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Brenda!
Thanks for the comment, Kathy. I always enjoy visiting your blog.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for the comment, Elaine. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for the comment. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for the comment. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Happy Valentine's Day!
I enjoyed your recipe!!

The question always arises around this time of year. I've been happily married to one man for going on 47 years!

The truth to a good marriage...and a happy one, is to see the day as the day is...alongside your loved one. Taking time to heal the sad or share in the happy.
Betsy Adams said…
Hi Brenda, I love your poem. Can I have your permission to feature it on my Facebook post. I will give you credit for writing it.... Thanks!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you...
TexWisGirl said…
really sweet. lots of patience and respect. :)
How sweet this is! I just love it! Thank you for sharing this!
Glenda Beall said…
Lovely blog post, Brenda. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.
janet smart said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Brenda. That recipe of yours is brimming over with love!
So good to hear from you. I sure hope you are feeling well now.
Yes, you may have permission to feature my poem on Facebook.
Susie Swanson said…
Great advice and so true. I hope all is well with you and your mother. I want to thank you for all the beautiful cards you've sent and for putting my name in the pot for the book, "Hometown Memories". I sent my story in and can't wait to see if they publish it. I just hope it's not to pricy. Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Hi Susie:
I'm glad you've written a story and submitted to Hometown Memories. I know it's a wonderful story and can hardly wait to read it in the anthology.
Best wishes,
Connie Arnold said…
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Brenda! All those things are important for a long and lasting loving relationship.

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