Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day

During the recent Arctic Blast, God sent this hyacinth to lift my spirit.  Its pink petals and fragrance filled my house with the hope of springtime.

I soon got cabin fever being stuck inside during the snow, but passed the time by making valentine cards.  Mama shared some memories from her childhood.

When she attended Ogden School during the 1930's, they made valentine cards in class.  Mama enjoyed cutting hearts from construction paper and glued a pretty tea cup on her card.

Mrs. Lucy Hyatt, Mama's teacher, placed a box in the classroom.  The students decorated it and put their cards into the box.

On Valentine's Day, the children had a party and exchanged cards.  Sometimes dancers and musicians from the John C. Campbell Folk School would give a program at Ogden School.  Mama loved the performance.

Valentine's Day is a time to let special people know you love them.  I cherish my blogger friends and wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!


lil red hen said...

Valentine's day was much the same for me when I was in grade school. The cards were pretty back then, with special notes of friendship and love. The ones I have seen in recent years have pictures of cartoon characters and no real message of love. So, thank you for the memories of past days.

Daisy said...

Beautiful post, Brenda. It's nice that some traditions stay with us. I love hyacinths. Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

Susie Swanson said...

I love your mother's memories of Valentine's Day at school. We always had a little party and exchanged Valentines. We made them also. I wish you and your mother a Happy Valentine's Day as well.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Brenda Kay!
I loved seeing the pretty valentines and reading about your mother's Valentine's Day at school.
The pink hyacinth is so gorgeous! And don't they have the best scent. I have a few in the yard, but they don't do very well outside. I should dig them up and keep them in pots.
Have a great weekend!

Dorothy said...

Happy Valentine Day to you, Brenda!

Linda said...

Nice to see some bright colors!

TexWisGirl said...

really sweet spot of color!

(thank you for your kind comment on the crow!)

Blackberry Lane said...

Precious memories. I am sending my love and prayers to you and your mother for a blessed Valentine's Day!

Muddling Through said...

We had a lot of fun with Valentines when I was in elementary school, too. Construction paper, school paste, paper doilies and let the creativity begin!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such a sweet post. Happy Valentines day to you dear blogging friend!

Glenda Beall said...

Valentines Day was fun when we were kids and the valentines were pretty, as lil red hen says. This is a sad day for me now as I lost my brother on Valentine's Day in 2009.
My mother told me about my father making her a valentine when she was in the fourth grade. She never forgot it.

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