Our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, have a lovely rhododendron garden.
They graciously allowed me to photograph their flowers.
I hope my blogger friends will enjoy these azaleas.

I hope my blogger friends have enjoyed these flowers.


Daisy said…
So beautiful! Thank you for sharing those.
Betsy Adams said…
Absolutely gorgeous, Brenda. Isn't Spring just AWESOME??? I think, since it came to us later this year, that it is even more beautiful.

Our Irises, Azaleas and Rhododendrons are blooming now... Yours are AWESOME... Thanks for sharing.
How absolutely beautiful! Now that our Spring has moved on down the road, I get to enjoy yours. Thank you for sharing. By the way, the iris in your header are lovely, too.
Susie Swanson said…
Oh my those are so beautiful Brenda. I love Azaleas but can't get them to grow around my yard. I think it's the type of soil.. Hope you're enjoying this pretty spring weather. We're over due for some. You take care, Susie
Maple Lane said…
Thanks to you and your neighbors for the garden stroll. Gorgeous blooms.
Janet, said…
Very pretty! Spring sure has sprung in your neck of the woods. Our yard is full of color, too. It is about time, too, I am so tired of cold weather.
Dorothy said…
They are all gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!
Nancy Simpson said…
WINNER! These azaleas are are more beautiful than any I saw at Hamilton Gardens on Mother's Day.
Tipper said…
Rana W. said…

I love photography, just love it. You have captured the beauty of these Azaleas perfectly. Very very nice indeed.

I still write for, if you have any photographs you would want to share with me I can make a story about them. I would of course give you credit for your photo.

I have a story to be featured in "Carolina Country" next month, so I hope you get to see it.

Your friend ,

Glenda Beall said…
Brenda, you are some photographer! What joy to see the flowers in all the gorgeous colors. I have a few rhodos blooming but my azaleas where were awfully pretty this year are about gone now.
Rana W. said…
Oh yeah my new email, if you ever decide to send any of your wonderful photography,

Your friend,

Paula Fraker said…
Oh my goodness, those are all stunning, Brenda... Mr. and Mrs. Carter must spend lots of time working in their flower gardens! :)
Delisa said…
Hi Brenda Kaye! I hope you are having a wonderful spring. These pictures are breath-takingly beautiful. We don't have a lot of colorful flowers here in our low-country part of Georgia, so these pictures were really a feast for my eyes!

Savannah, is always covered in the early part of Spring with Azaleas, especially the old historic part. Put here where I live in the country there are not many flower gardens and I really miss them. All the wild things, the rabbits and deer eat any thing er plant and then the bees are so happy when they see a flowering plant that they swarm it and won't let us even get close. :)

I also just the loved the tribute to your mother. How sweet, what a dear lady. My mother was the same way only she would give away her "Milky Way" bars and all her french fries. :) I have so many fond memories of my Mom taking care of me when I was sick as a child and awaking to find her sitting by my bedside checking on me in the middle of the night. Mother's like that are "pearls beyond price". I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

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