Monday, February 24, 2014

Planting Potatoes

This is my Granddaddy John Lee and Granny Trese Lee.  Granddaddy Lee always planted his Irish potatoes in February.  He and his brother would compete to see who could get his garden planted first.  It has been reported that early one morning Granddaddy Lee even got out in his housecoat to work in his garden. He would check with the "Farmer's Almanac" to see what the signs were in before he planted his vegetables. The reason he's holding the Bible is because he was a Baptist preacher.

Planting Potatoes

It's tater planting time
in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Get them out in February,
they'll pop up early spring.

In the Blue Ridge Mountains,
plant taters in the signs--
they'll pop up early spring.
The rain crow is cooing on Joe Knob.

Plant taters in the signs.
Granddaddy Lee set the example.
The rain crow's cooing on Joe Knob.
Work the garden before it rains.

When the Full Snow Moon wanes,
get root crops out in February.
The earth's calling the farmers,
it's tater planting time.
--Brenda Kay Ledford

Friday, February 14, 2014

Blue Ridge Mountains' Snow

Confetti twirls to the ground,
a mid-winter celebration,
my boots crunching the snow.

The crisp scent of cedar trees,
a mourning dove trilling on Jo Knob,
confetti twirls to the ground.

Five deer bound over a fence,
disappear into the laurel thicket,
my boots crunching the snow.

Children bobsled in the pasture,
my hot breath blows steam,
confetti twirls to the ground.

North wind bites the nose,
the pond glitters with ice,
my boots crunching the snow.

Walking the woodland trail,
cotton balls cling to pines,
confetti twirls to the ground;
my boots crunching the snow.
          --Brenda Kay Ledford

I hope all of my blogger friends are well and made it fine through the snow the Southeast had this week.  Most of the snow has melted now.  Locally, we did not have any power outage, but many did lose power across the region.  It was a beautiful snow, but it's great to see sunshine today.  I am looking forward to spring.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day

During the recent Arctic Blast, God sent this hyacinth to lift my spirit.  Its pink petals and fragrance filled my house with the hope of springtime.

I soon got cabin fever being stuck inside during the snow, but passed the time by making valentine cards.  Mama shared some memories from her childhood.

When she attended Ogden School during the 1930's, they made valentine cards in class.  Mama enjoyed cutting hearts from construction paper and glued a pretty tea cup on her card.

Mrs. Lucy Hyatt, Mama's teacher, placed a box in the classroom.  The students decorated it and put their cards into the box.

On Valentine's Day, the children had a party and exchanged cards.  Sometimes dancers and musicians from the John C. Campbell Folk School would give a program at Ogden School.  Mama loved the performance.

Valentine's Day is a time to let special people know you love them.  I cherish my blogger friends and wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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